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Welcome to the City Church of Sacramento Prayer Wall. We are created in and for community, and invite you to share your prayers with the community, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with our chaplains only, or pray for other prayer requests on this page.

Join our call-in prayer line Thursday at 7pm for 30-minutes of community, comfort and prayer. Call in at 669-900-6833, Meeting ID 860 713 6133.


I request prayer for my own salvation as well as the salvation of those holy souls in Purgatory. Blessings Tracey Australia


Prayers for my niece Kiara Moseby, praying for the treatment and healing of a tumor that has been discovered in her jaw.


Prayers of healing for Carlos Contreras and strength for his wife Paula as she awaits and support the healing of her husband. Prayers of Thanksgiving for the doctors and nurses that are caring for him.


Hello, I am requesting prayer for my family to find housing, food and a stable income for my business to open back up. Thank you


Please agree with me for the following. Thank you. - I'm in a toxic living situation and need to leave as soon as possible. I'm in an expensive city (Seattle) and don't have any leads yet. I'm waking up in physical pain bc of this environment. - I'm in between jobs and just finished my contractor assignment in early October. I'm fully eligible for unemployment benefits, but my claim is taking too long. I need the funds to move, but foremost, I have countless job applications out. - I'm interviewing for a job on Thursday that would pay for my Master's. It's a full day of interviews. Please agree with me for a job offer so that I can rent an apartment aspa and apply for my Master's program.

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